Name and shame a professional, do it!

The following I wrote on the name and shame FB page, link below:

“Thank you for accepting my request to be a member here, it is a great privilege. So, while I’m here I might as well get on with my naming and shaming some Social workers and some so-called ‘professional experts’ that are regularly used in the Courts of our land and those who also purport to represent the interests of our children, mine included, but I assure you they do not!

First off is: “Michelle Randle”, of Doncaster Cafcass, the most egotistical and fabricating South African woman who it has been my misfortune to meet. A woman who made up a fabricated episode, a Lie, that I had caused a disruption at a contact centre here In Sheffield, that I was “asked to leave by staff and refused to do so” that this “caused my son stress and also his mother.” When I contacted Ms Randle, to ask why she had not consulted with me over this alleged insinuation and slur, she said: “I was told this by your Ex, and presumed it was true, so I put it in my report to court.” Of course I was so outraged that she would be so biased in favour of my Ex that she just “presumed it was true”, that I complained to Cafcass. They took a whole year to investigate it, they admitted it was not true and wrote apologizing for this, this was after I got the contact centre manager to write to them. He stated that as far as he “was concerned he had no knowledge of the alleged incident and on checking with his staff, nor did they”. Ms Randle refused to retract her fabricated statement from the court record. However, she eventually did, but only after my final hearing had been and gone. How convenient that the Judge had by then seen a false fabricated statement that she had acted upon, alas it was all too late for me by then to send the letter of apology from Cafcass to the court. Ms Randle, of Cafcass, knew what she was doing and didn’t care, nor did her conscience bother her at all that she knowingly lied, just to side and support my Ex partner in her lies to remove my son from my life.

Social worker No 2, “Ms Sally Jackson” also of Cafcass. She appeared on the scene and took over from the fabricating Ms Randle, who after I appealed to the Royal Courts Of Justice was discredited, and therefore was replaced by Ms Jackson. Of course both were Cafcass colleagues and in contact with each other, I knew I didn’t stand a chance, even though I had now won my appeal. Ms Jackson appeared as an angel of light at first and presented as initially fair, I was to learn that she was just as corrupt as Ms Randle was. Ms Jackson was informed by me that her former colleague had lied under oath and that I had a letter from Cafcass to prove it, why was she still in her job I enquired? She was not concerned at all about this, although she wanted my permission to contact Ms Randle, at this I smelt a rat, and knew that they would get their heads together, because once you have had the effrontery to make one of their own look bad, you are in for it… And big time! You have to know that Cafcass do not, NEVER EVER, make mistakes, and if you try to prove they do, God help you!

Ms Jackson suggested to me that she had not prevented me from obtaining “Parental Responsibility”, (which I had asked the court to give me) even though in so many words she had basically hinted that I should not have it. Ms Jackson lied to me face to face and said “I have NOT said to the court that you shouldn’t have PR”. She is now seen in her true colors because it transpires in her latest statement to court that she categorically says and states she does not recommend it, a total contradiction of what she stated to me personally, (with that sweet innocent smile of hers). Ms Jackson is as unprofessional as her former conscienceless partner Ms Randle, but that comes as no surprise to me.

No 3. Ms “Justine Croxen” (Psychological Consulting Services Ltd, Po Box 14189, Birmingham B13 3FW) Cafcass appointed psychologist. She, in her lengthy report to court, was able to state in detail the nature of my relationship with my son even though she had not met him nor had she seen us together at any time. She admitted, under oath, that she had not read any of the numerous independent positive contact reports that plainly suggested a wonderful relationship between my son and me. Yes, she claimed that she was able to make an opinion on this even in the face of never having discussed him with me at any time, nor had she discussed me with my son. However, and highly suspicious, she DID discuss my relationship with my son, but only in speaking to my former partner on the issue, and of course formed her biased opinions on that basis ALONE, yes from my hostile EX! Is this fair? Well of course not! On the basis of Ms Croxen’s spurious report she recommended to the court that I should not see my son and was a threat to him, even though there was no evidence of such, but I could be in the future, or so she stated in court. Ms Croxen was paid over £10,000 for her report, she even had the audacity to apply to court for more, and the Judge gave it to her, what a money spinner I ask you? I had wisely recorded the whole psychological interviews that I had with Ms Croxen, I was able to prove that she at no time mentioned my son to me or had even mentioned his name. I was able to prove that she never talked about my son at all with me… and yet even though I could prove it (you guessed it) the judge was not prepared to listen to the recording, but acted on Croxen’s ridiculous crystal ball advice on possible future events, how can one fight these I wonder? You just can’t!

We all know this is not justice, we all know that the courts are as corrupt as hell, we all know that this goes on all the time. We all know that the Family courts are there to debase you and to drive you insane with anger and frustration, and if you have the temerity to show it, we all know you are doomed! We all know that somehow my words here will be used against me and that if my Ex see’s this she can score some more points with her lies, but you know what, the truth is the truth! I will return with more exposures of those that are corrupt. If it is used against me, then so be it. I am fed up of sitting on my ass and losing my son over lies, it is time “to publish or be damned”, I know it will be the latter. You have my oath that all I write here is the truth, so help me God!”

5 thoughts on “Name and shame a professional, do it!

  1. Social worker Sulaiman Rogers writes conflicting and incorrect reports

    Full details:
    Sulaiman Rogers
    Director of Rogers Social Care LTD
    13, Scovell Crescent, Waterloo, London, SE1 1PS

    Suliaman Rogers Works through his own LTD company for local authority’s
    Last known to be working for Bexley children’s social care

  2. Bit of a conflict of interest if this social worker is removing a child from their home and looking after children in a care home!

  3. CHRISTINA BATES health visitor adoption panel

    292 Burnt Oak Lane Sidcup Kent DA15 8L

    Chris Bates is a child protection health visitor who has written false adoption reports for social services and social workers looking to obtain forced out of court adoptions she has helped push through many adoptions that should have never taken place and should have gone to the courts, A truly evil vile woman. She has been reported for unfitness to practice to the HCPC several times however she is still currently working in the public sector as a child protection health visitor and is on the local authority adoption panel.

  4. Shabnam parmer cafcass leicester city
    Judith webnam Smith psych employed by above based in Birmingham
    Claire krochmal social worker leicester city
    Craig skinner social worker leicester city

    File false reports in care proceedings

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