“The bedroom tax” a heartless crime inflicted on the poor.

The bedroom tax does what it says on the tin, yes it certainly is a TAX, and only on the poorest in our society! We are in this national economic mess due to the decisions of the rich, of greedy bankers and shortsighted politicians who knew that the bubble was going to burst. The blame does not rest with the working classes nor on the poor, and yet it seems these unfeeling monsters who have brought about this tax, our MP’s, want to make the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich… after all “we are in this together” so Cameron has so badly put. My God it makes me seethe with anger, the heartlessness of it and their sheer inhumanity is beyond belief.
Let me put a scenario to you all illustrating just how unfair the bedroom tax is:
Bill is married to Jenny and they have 3 children, 2 sons and one daughter, who were brought up in the 3 bed-roomed happy family home where mum and dad have lived for many years since they were married. Mum and dad shared a bedroom while the 2 boys also did the same leaving the daughter a room to herself. This was the happy and content situation until all the children grew up and left home when they were all in their late teens to early twenties. All the grown up children, who were all by now married themselves and with their own kids, visited mum and dad weekly for dinner to talk about old times in a familiar place which they considered THE FAMILY HOME, not just a house.
All were getting along fine and happily, until Bill lost his job, being made redundant at the age of 57, he’d worked all his life, but now Bill was forced to apply for benefits, “the dole”, as some would put it. Also mum, Jenny, well her health was not so good lately due to her chronic fatigue syndrome, which the doctor couldn’t help her with. Bill and Jenny had lived in the family home all these years and were very attached to it as were all the grown up children who visited home often, the family home they identified with. Bill and Jenny had spent a small fortune in making the home a pleasant place to live in and had spent thousands on interior decorations, not to mention the wonderful garden they had happily worked on together. To them it was their little paradise and they loved the area that they lived in. It was close to the river, the place they had often gone for walks while holding hands and the place the kids knew so well and had happy memories of.
The day came when the Government brought in what was called the “bedroom tax”. This meant that Bill and Jenny could not afford to pay the extra money for their rented home that the local council were asking for because of having to many bedrooms that were not being used, (or so the council maintained). Yes to the government they were just simply “rooms” just meaningless empty rooms, rooms that Bill and Jenny as parents would have little attachment for and no happy memories of, or did they? Bill and Jenny loved their home, it wasn’t just a house to them, of bricks and mortar, it was part of their life and marital history together and part of their children’s lives too even though they had their own respective homes now.
Sadly Bill and jenny were told that they had to move out and to find another house to live in, or else pay the extra rent the council were now demanding as well as some council tax that thankfully they had not paid since Bill had lost his job. There was no financial way out for them and they were already in debt with the energy companies as well as a loan they took out when Bill was working so he could pay it back. In April of 2013 bill and jenny finally said goodbye to their family home and to their neighbours that they were so very close to and extremely fond of. Most of the furniture they had was sold as were all the beds their children had slept in, there was no room in the new council house for all their treasures and their familiar odds and ends.Their new house was on the estate over the other side of town where they had heard much talk of vandalism and disharmony between the different ethnic groups who lived there.
Meanwhile a new family of six were moving in to a house that looked like it had been cared for and had a fine tidy garden that looked like someone had put a great deal of care into. There was no need for much change or repair to this new place, it had all been done for for them by someone. This family were very grateful that they now had a place to call their own. Yes the Ahmeds from Croatia could now settle down to a new life near the river… but at whose expense and painful emotional loss had this been possible?
So, Bill and Jenny were forced out of their home, all they had was their happy memories of it, perhaps they could take solace from them? But things were not the same in this new area where the kids played out on the streets till midnight getting into all sorts of trouble. It was a tight squeeze when the family came along with the grand kids to visit them, they could hardly get round the table in the small dining room to eat and there was little point in going out in the garden as it was the size of a postage stamp.
Jenny and Bill huddled together while in bed in their tiny bedroom. Jenny leant over to kiss her husband goodnight, she then switched off the bedside lamp. With a tear in her eye she spoke: “Bill I miss my home, I really do, this one is just a house to me.” Bill turned around and hugged her, and said: “I know love, I know, sweet dreams my dear”.
Cameron and his cronies have little idea of the pain they are going to inflict upon ordinary people, nor do they know the difference between a “house” and a “home”! All I can say is that this is a crime inflicted on the poorest in our society and the politicians have no right nor place to be making laws such as this over and above that our local councils might have made to cover their running costs. Shame on you Cameron, shame on all of you who have voted for this evil law of a bedroom tax, you heartless unfeeling monsters that you are!

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