More charlatans queue up for the gravy train. (part 2)

On my last blog posting I wrote a piece entitled “Charlatans who pretend to be experts”. Little did I know how even more pertinent, timely and serious this issue would become.

Today the Daily Mail has again drawn the publics attention to how these so-called “experts” are literally destroying families and actively in the process of tearing apart innocent people’s reputations. So, why are some psychologists, psychiatrists and even every day doctors queuing up to make false allegations against people who have done absolutely nothing wrong to their children? Why would they be accusing and fabricating evidence, even against the most respected and blameless and distinguished in our society? One would think that surely they wouldn’t have the nerve to do this, would they… would they? However, something is pushing them along, something that makes them lie and cheat, a strong motivator. This very active mental motivator helps them to make up stories and to even knowingly accuse ones of having serious personality disorders when they know that it can’t possibly be true, since many of their victims were never seen or assessed by them and never even met the expert. So what is the evil that motivates them to act in this terrible despicable manner? As I mentioned in my previous blog posting the answer is… Money! As we all know “money makes the world go round”, so the famous song says. But for these quacks to make their living like this and to make vast sums of money while destroying children’s lives and those of their parents cannot be justified, it borders on the evil!–nightmare-shared-families.html


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