Charlatans who pretend to be Experts

After reading a Daily Mail Article of 13th of March 2012, header:.. “Scandal of ‘unqualified’ experts who advise our family courts: Decisions about the care of thousands of children routinely flawed.” … you might have imagined that I would have been shocked at such a state of affairs existing, but you know what, I wasn’t! I have had some first hand experience in the presence of some of these arcane charlatans and because of this the Mail article had few surprises up its sleeve for me. Of course not all experts appointed by the Family Courts can be categorized in this way, some adhere to a code of honest practice and they allow their conscience to help in making a fair and honest assessment. But, even then it is a highly risky business to sit in judgement over the future happiness of a parent who seeks to maintain contact with his or her child, such a responsibility would make the likes of mere mortals shudder, myself included! I mean, just how sure do they have to be before advising the court that a parent should now be disqualified from seeing their child?

For example, psychology is not an exact science, the mind is not something that can be clearly seen, as you would a road map, nor is it a rotten tooth that can easily be defined by its decay and then extracted. psychologists have no magic wand to be waved giving absoluteness in the decision-making process, at best it is purely educated guess-work, and at worst… (given the appalling details in the daily Mail)…  an intentional way to mislead and to falsely suggest that they know their area of expertise to such a high degree that the diagnosis is sure and definite, a way to boost their ego and future job prospects, why do I say this? I’ll let the Daily Mail answer that one for me:…”Some of the most startling results were the sheer number of expert psychologists . . . who are reporting that their entire job is the production of assessment reports for the courts”  Given that the Daily Mail reports, (and suggests) that money is a main factor involved in their decision-making, it goes on further to say: “Often, these professional experts – who rake in thousands of pounds in fees from the chaotic family courts system – have not practised for years, leaving them out of touch with developments in their field” 

Yes, as is often the case, money is the gravy train that attracts many of these charlatan experts to the work that is so nonchalantly given out by Family court judges. It would seem that these pretend experts have a propensity to come to negative decisions for many poor innocent parents that are highly suspect and down right wrong and somehow, in their thinking, leads to them to obtaining more even gravy from the hand that feeds them, the courts. Even though these assessments have been suggested to be false and inaccurate, many judges have still decided to allow them into evidence, putting parents in a no-win situation.

One more thing before I go. As we know the courts are closed and proceedings are secret to all not involved in the case. Because of this parents are even prevented genuine access in complaining (about these so-called “experts”), to such as the HPC (Health Professions Council) because when they do they will have to get court permission to actually disclose their own Psychological assessments to the HPC, before they will even consider such a complaint! Get out of that one if you can! The system is obviously stacked against innocent parents and they are left with no-one to turn to, not even the watchdogs that are supposed to be there to protect them from these vultures. If you are made to go and see any experts, psychologists, psychiatrists or clinicians of any type, you need to make sure that you see one that you yourself have sought and then get your solicitor to suggest them to the court. In this way you can make sure, to some degree, that you can avoid the ones mentioned in the Daily Mail article, the Charlatan experts. They will surely claim that you have some condition or other, that you never ever dreamed you had. Never ever agree to see the ones appointed directly by the courts or by such as Cafcass. In conclusion I suggest you hit the link below to the article I have mentioned and make sure you become an expert in identifying chicanery and racketeers when you come across them. They will be the ones with the gravy down their shirts, and depending on their gender perhaps their skirts. But who knows, they might be cross dressers for all we know, since they also get their facts so easily confused, the same might apply to their dress sense too?

Written by Paul Manning.


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