Abba Father. The new Blog for dads rights.

Hello, my name is Paul Manning, welcome to my new Blog, ‘Abba Father’.

After many months of pondering deely and seriously over whether I should get involved with a particular issue, that over the years has concerned me greatly, I eventually decided to bite the bullet and actually get on with it. As for ‘the issue’ I shall come to that in a moment.

So, why the name “Abba Father”, am I referring to a Swedish phenomenon of the seventies? (who, by the way, I adored!) err… NO? The word “Abba” is from the ancient language of Aramaic and is written in this form: אבא. This was the language used in the writing of the early books of the bible, and literally means, Father. The word has been further popularized to have a more personal and distinct meaning, that of “daddy” or “papa”, but this application of the word appears mostly in urban legend, nevertheless I would much prefer it, for its more affectionate qualities. However, all meanings of the word father will suffice for my needs in my quest in promoting the rights of fathers, yes you’ve guessed it, “The issue”.

The issue.

After having been through the family courts here in Sheffield, and for over 4 years of my life, I was so appalled by the total bias in favour of mothers that I was moved and determined to do something about it, in trying to reform the whole sorry state of affairs for fathers. Now, let’s get this straight right from the outset, Abba Father, is not, I repeat, not, against mothers. Mothers are not to blame for the present situation in regard to family law, although I have to say they appear to benefit from it far more than we fathers do. Because of the courts unfair and heartless decisions I lost contact with a son that I was the main carer of and had brought up from birth right to the schooling age of six. This so much broke my heart and angered me so intensely that I was compelled to act rather than continuing in the deep depressive hole I was in that gave me no outlet.

So, this is why I decided to set up Abba Father, as a way of expression and a way to help other fathers who have been through the same hell of the family courts. You may feel that you are fully aware of what is happening in the Family Courts of Great Britain but, I can assure you unless you have been through them, unless you have experienced them for yourselves the debasement the sheer frustration and humiliation, then you know absolutely nothing! There are to many fathers out there that live in emotional pain everyday of their lives, many who have not been able to go on and sadly decided the way out was to commit suicide, some of which I knew personally. Once you come to realize the truth by experience and you see what is happening with your own eyes, then it becomes impossible, as a caring human being, to sit on the side lines and do nothing, you just have to act!

Abba father will be a place where these dads can come, to express their stories and feelings as an outlet for their pain and distress. And I want to assure you all that I want to hear and listen to them all. Here will be the place to discuss how we can make a change to the present laws on this issue and how we can force our members of Parliament to represent us in a more caring and active way, many of which know little of how unfair the system is to fathers who scream out to see their loved ones.

I am not saying that I can do all this on my own, far from it. I need your help, I need your input and support and maybe even some of your love for your fellow-man. I do not care much for hate or anyone that try’s to drive in the wedge of making this an issue of gender, this is far to important an issue for that. This is not about the sexes or about doing down mothers. What it is about is human rights and equality for all parents to see their own children equally. For surely this must be what all good societies must be based on, the right and the freedom to bring up our own children free from unnecessary state intervention. Children are suffering greatly at the hands of state decisions that have separated them from good and caring fathers, this cannot be right and the injustices go on even under the very noses of our politicians. It has to stop before more of the ones we love end up as drug addicts or alcoholics or delinquent street urchins without the role of a father in their lives to help prevent it. It has been proven that children who have both parents in their lives do substantially better than those who have only one, even if those parents are separated from each other. Our children are our future and we need to make sure that they do not grow up in a world where it is ‘normal’ for them to think that dads play no role whatsoever in their lives, but this is the state of affairs we are likely to have if the courts have their way. Abba Father is a blog where we can share our ideas and work out what we want for the future for all of our children. I ask you to help me, I ask that we get this matter sorted out once and for all.

“With the hands of few maybe in time a mountain will eventually be moved. But with the minds and hands of the many we will invent and make many a mountain.”

Peace to you all. Paul Manning.


8 thoughts on “Abba Father. The new Blog for dads rights.

  1. Good luck with this mate and you are welcomed to refer and reblog anything I have published over the past 8 years via my 3 blogs (Sadly all is still relavent) and please do not get put off and get your MP on side!

  2. Paul, I just read your blog regarding your experiences. I have to tell you that my story is a mirrow image of yours. Mine led to a heart attack and that was 18 months after it started and is now 18 months ago. So its been 3 years for me. I have a 12 year old son and an 9 year old daughter. It has got easier over the last 12 months but only because I feared for my health. I want to be here for them when I eventually get there. I too write a blog and keep a facebook and every other social page just to keep a record of my efforts to maintain contact. True you are not alone. What concerns me is that 50% of us are men, 60% of us get divorced. So just how many of men are effected. When does this fight get dirty. I see little from FFJ and think they are a waste of time. RFFJ seen to be a better force for real fathers in pain. Im in Brasil at the moment being cared for by my brilliant and loving Brasilian partner. But when I get back things will be heating up. Because I intend joining the forces. All I can say to you is what people keep saying to me and that is what comes around goes around and in the name of my blog ” Its Only a Matter Of Time” STEVE

    • Thanks for that Joe. I’m so sorry to hear that your experience has affected you to the degree that it has made you unwell, I can relate to the stress and what it does to you. For me being constantly in court and the way I was debased there made me realise the appaling heartlessness of most of the judges. I guess we both will have to struggle on until we get justice, or until our kids come looking for us, I can’t wait for that day to come. I send you my regards and I am with you in spirit. Peace to you Joe. Paul.

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